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Alice Sturzinger

Figurine Little Birds of Inspiration

Figurine Little Birds of Inspiration

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Let your dreams take flight with this stunning Murano glass figurine of Little Birds of Inspiration. Perfect for any mantelpiece or bookshelf, this exquisite trinket captures the beauty of little birds in their elegant glass and metal design. Inspire yourself today!

Little Amber Bird of Protection: The little amber bird is here to keep you safe and protect you from negative energies and situations. The perfect little guardian! 

Little Aqua Bird of Healing: Whether you are recovering from physical or emotional injuries, the little aqua bird is the perfect companion for your journey to health and well-being.

Little Blue Bird of Happiness: Let this little blue bird uplift your spirits and leave you with a happy song in your heart. The perfect companion for those who want to bring more happiness into their lives.

Little Green Bird of Prosperity: The little green bird is here to help bring more prosperity into your life, whether it be financial wealth, physical health, or spiritual abundance.

Little Ivory Bird of Guidance: The little ivory bird will help connect you to your intuition and find guidance all around you. This little companion is here to help you find answers to your questions and guide you to the path on which you're meant to be.

Little Pink Bird of Hope: A symbol of hope, this little pink bird will raise your spirits, and restore your faith in life, in others, and in yourself.

Little Red Bird of Passion: Whether you are looking for a new companion or a new hobby, this little red bird is here to bring passion and love into your life. This little bird will help you to increase vitality in your relationships and the activities about which you are passionate!

Little Turquoise Bird of Creativity: Let this little turquoise bird inspire your creative projects and help you find your own unique song. Great for musicians, artists, or anyone trying to find their creative voice.

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